Firmware generation service «Korotron»

Welcome to new and updated version of our online firmware creation service!
Here you can instantly create firmware for your printer!

About our service

With this service, you simply enter your login and password on the login page and choose your printer.

Done! All you need to do next is to download firmware and update your printer!

We have very attractive prices!!!

Instructions and practice

In this sections you can find detailed instructions on how to flash your printer and how to use DEBUG-cable.

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Price list

Here you can see a list of printers, which can be updated with our firmwares!

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To access the service you must register. Click the button below to create your account:

Contacts and support

You can find all the contact information and support on this page.

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Firmware updating is really fast and easy! Watch this video tour to see how to do it!

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Mobile version

Now you can use mobile-friendly version of our service!

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Tired of buying expensive cartridges? Would you like to know how you can save up to 70% of your money? — on our website, you can buy special firmware for your printer to let you reuse your cartridge! Manufacturers place a chip in the cartridge that restricts printing to 1,500 pages. Then the printer demands that you buy it a new cartridge!

Our firmware reprograms your printer to ignore the chip. This way, you can put the cartridge in and keep printing without buying an expensive new one. — firmwares for printers. Cherish your time and money.

New firmwares availible

Our company constantly updates the list of supported printers!

Latest additions:

  • NewSamsung SCX-4650N V3.00.01.19
  • NewSamsung SL-M2070 V3.00.01.20
  • NewSamsung SL-M2875FW V3.00.01.27
  • NewSamsung SL-M2670 V3.00.01.27
  • NewSamsung SL-M4070 V4.00.01.19
  • NewSamsung SL-M3870 V4.00.01.19

More firmwares incoming!

Our developers work hard on creating new firmwares for printers.

All new firmwares will be instantly availible on our service!

Soon will be availible:

  • Samsung SL-M2022 V3.00.01.10
  • Samsung SL-M2880 V3.00.01.02
  • Samsung SL-M4020 V4.00.01.18
  • Samsung SL-M3820 V4.00.01.18